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From digest.v7.n524 Sat Nov 1 14:54:36 1997
From: Jon Tara <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:15:18 -0800
Subject: Yes, there are two Bon Amis

Apparently I committed a fox pox asking about Bon Ami. I did receive several replies to my question, including one suicide threat!

For the benefit of all (as if you haven't heard this before) yes, there are two Bon Amis, both made by the same company. The square can is the one to use on windshields, and is available typically from hardware stores, or from the website mentioned:

The canister available in supermarkets for use on bathtubs, etc. will scratch glass.

To avoid further wastage of bandwidth, I'd suggest that BMW, the BMWCCA, and the vendors involved should just come up with a "welcome wagon" kit for new BMW owners. It should consist of the following, with associated literature, full instructions and recommendations, and mailing-list archives:

  1. Zymol ("carbon" or "creme" as appropriate)
  2. Bon Ami
  3. JC chip
  4. Various Redline products (synthetic oil, MTL, gear oil, SC-1, Water Wetter)
  5. 2 gallons, deionized water
  6. (Northern climates only) 4 steel rims, snow tires, ballast, optional hubcaps
  7. fish line (for removal of badges)
  8. K&N Conehead (?) filter, dryer vent, duct tape
  9. 1 six-pack, Rolling Rock
  10. 2 Hooters Girls

But, then again, what would be left to talk about?

Thank you all, for everything I've learned (see above) about my new BMW! :)

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