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From digest.v6.n757 Wed Jun 11 07:40:30 1997
From: mahaRISHI <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 23:51:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE: tiny rust spots

wayland had posted a concern regarding tiny rust spots on his one year old bmw.


i beleive these tiny rust spots is known as "industrial fall out". this is very common in parts of town where much construction is taking place; cars are more prone to this in downtown in which contsruction or repair of buildings are taking place. i have noticed this on my 96 328i also. this is not as severe of problem as rust. i was able to remove these tiny orange spots w/ a product by auto magic called CLAY MAGIC. this stuff works great in removing fallout, overspray, and tar. it looks jsut like molding clay and is to be used w/ solution called BODYSHINE which is also sold by AUTO MAGIC. BODYSHINE is very simialr to meguiars QUICK DETAILER. i have een very happy w/ the clay. i will post a phone number tomorrow in where you can contact AUTO MAGIC ig you are interested. btw, i do not work for AUTO MAGIC, i just have been very happy w/ the products they manufacture and sell. if a of the baove info. seeems a bit controversial or incorrect, please do not hesitate to comment. hope this helps.

96 328i sport pkg.

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