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From digest.v7.n552 Fri Nov 7 02:31:11 1997
From: "Ron Browne" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:14:47 -0500
Subject: <misc>PPG Painting Process

Kurt Zimmerman wrote:

I'm saving now to repaint my 89 325is. I expect the cost to be around $2500.00.
I talking with a local guy who used to do high end restorations. He got burned
out on spending 6 months with one vehicle so now he takes on smaller jobs. He
uses a PPG paint process. I trust his expertise with regards to providing a good paint job, but I have no experience with PPG paints. If anyone has experience and can comment on their durability, please send me a note. Since I am going to repaint the car, I'm also toying with the idea of a body kit. So far, the only one that appeals to me is one by Hartge. However, I have not yet seen the M-technic body kit. I was wondering if someone could point me to a web source with pictures of the M-technic kit on an E30 325is. Thanks,

I reply:

I recently had to have my drivers side door refinished/repainted after an admittedly embarrasing encounter with a parking garage concrete column. Went to a place in Silver Spring, MD called Quattro Auto Body. The place was highly recommended by a reputable BMW mechanic in Bethesda. I went by and checked out Quattro's lot one day...couple of S class Benzes, 2 BMW's,
1 Rolls Royce. And a variety of lesser cars as well. Work was impeccable on all the cars.
They just moved into a brand new shop..right around the corner from Radial Tire.
The guy explained that they used the PPG and I think the Siemens process. He admitted he was not familiar with the Glasurit painting process, which is recommended by BMW. He kind of explained that the PPG and Siemens were similiar, and it basically comes down to the matching/tinting as to which method they end up using. He explained that contrary to what one body shop told me, there is no such thing as "going to BMW and buying the factory paint". He explained that there are basically two or 3 major auto paint manufacturers in the world, and they provide the paint to the auto manufacturers. As an example, he explained that you can go to a BMW dealer and look at 10 "Alpine White II" BMW's, and if you were to line 10 of those body panels up side by side, you may see 10 different variations of the Alpine White II. PPG is what they used on mine. . Car is a 1992, and had all original, well cared for, garaged paint. I was extremely concerned with the matching-up, but have to admit they did about as close to a perfect job as one could get. No waves in the paint, gloss depth is identical to the other panels. 4 weeks later, the "new" paint has lost that initial HEY I'M BRAND NEW BRIGHT PAINT look, and has blended in well with the other body panels. It helps tremendously if you use a good paint cleaner, or maybe even a polishing (NOT RUBBING) compound on the surrounding body panels. Helps take all that dirt out so the new paint blends in better with the "old" paint.

Good Luck

Ron Browne
1992 318is
Bowie, MD

It's interesting to note that two different body shops said that black is the hardest color to match.

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