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From digest.v4.n808 Fri Jul 5 06:35:54 1996
From: "Harvey Chao" <>
Date: 4 Jul 1996 20:52:14 -0700
Subject: Clean'nSmooth

I think someone on the list already commented on this product, which is how I learned about this product. Specifically it is Meguir's, Clean'n Smooth. It consists of a 4 oz bottle of their Quik Detailer product and a small (about 1 1/2 x 1 x 3 inch block of clay. It is clearly marked as "Clear Coat Safe".

This product combination is advertisded as "easily removes tar, road salt and paint overspray. In my particular case, trees around the company parking lot shed a mist of fine sap dropplets that land on the car. The sap settles on the paint during the day and hardens and is not easily removed, even the same day. I have tried bug and tar remover, and various body scrub products to remove this stuff. The paint feels well spotted with this sap, other crud that falls out of the sky, and obviously rough to the touch. Other products have required significant amounts of plain hard work/elbow grease to get the paint smooth again, even with a good coat of carnuba wax underneath - the "crud' that has accumulated on top and and is not readily removed.

I tried this stuff, you spray a 2 x 2 foot area with a light mist and just lightly rub (more like glide) the clay across it a few times. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Physical effort is almost zero, the clay kinda floats on the misted liquid like a hocky puck on ice. It took perhaps 5 minutes to do the trunk on an E28. BUT IT WORKS!!! You can see the crud that has been removed as it accumulates on the surface of the clay. You follow up with polish (if necessary) and a coat of wax.

I hadn't looked too carefully at the price when I picked it off the shelf, and was a bit shocked when it was run up at $12.99! However, haveing used it and discovered how well it works and with so little effort, unless there is some hidden bad side effect that won't show up for a while, it appears to be worth every cent!

YMMV - but it looks like it works !


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