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From digest.v7.n6 Fri Jul 25 07:01:18 1997
From: "Dave Douglass" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 19:32:56 -0500
Subject: that nasty hood stain....

When we last left our hero, he was agonizing over a nasty hood stain.....

VICTORY!! For those of you interested, here's the process I used.

NOTE: Apologies to my paint and to Paul Michael Brown, who suggested a product by 3m called "fine cut rubbing compound". I only now realize that I mis-read his post to me. I missed this part and saw that he mentioned the hand glaze. I think that this product would have taken care of the problem, without the need to remove the damage to the clear coat!! NOW YOU REMEMBER THAT KIDS!!

HD cleanse: Some help, but did not totally remove the spot.

3m Imperial hand glaze: No effect

Cleanz Easy (Dupont) No Effect

MeGugire's cleaner wax No Effect

<SIGH> Polishing compound. After 3 (!) applications, the spots were gone. However, I now had noticeable scratches in the paint

Back to 3m Imperial Hand Glaze. Again, 3 applications was the magic number. After the first use, I had to look very hard to notice the scratch marks. So I applied again, and this time had to really search for any trace of a scratch, but I did find some if the light was just right. So, I applied another application and I am no longer able to see anything but a crisp shine.

Now back to the Zymol Cool Carbon......

Ooh yeah, still backing Phil and the American way

  o/______\o                  Dave Douglass
  (oo=00=oo)                        '84   533i          
       []------[]                   Metric Mechanic 3.7
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