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From digest.v7.n537 Wed Nov 5 01:06:05 1997
From: "Smith, Christopher E" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 08:21:11 -0500
Subject: RE: Headlight Adjustment DIY

Shaun wrote:
"After having some repairs done at a local body shop, I noticed the low & high beams are out of adjustment. Apparently, the state of TX no longer requires proper aim as part of their inspection. Thus I cannot find anyone in the North Dallas/Plano area th

at has the proper aiming equipment. I've even called a few service/body shops with no luck.

Does anyone have an accurate DIY system of headlight adjustment?"

Solution: Tape Measure and flat wall (garage doors work) Up/Down Adjustment:
Park ~20 ft. from a flat wall on a level surface. Measure height of center of headlights. Measure height of light beam on wall.
Adjust low beam such that center of beam on wall is a couple of inches below center of headlight height.
Adjust high beam for level or slightly above level or as perferred.

Left /Right Adjustment:
Repeat above except measure separation between headlights. Measure separation of projected beams on wall. I adjust my right headlight bias slightly to the right for "Deer Search Mode".

Remember: With only two adjustment screws per light, the up/down/left/right adjustments are iterative as one affects the other.

I hope this aims you in the right direction.

cca# 47954
85 318i
86 Reynard FF

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