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From digest.v7.n884 Tue Jan 6 11:16:49 1998
From: "Alan Alfano"<>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 08:53:29 -0400
Subject: RE: E30 muffler and Midas
From: Philip A Alpatov <>
>Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 18:06:41 -0600
>To continue the thread of exhaust repairs here is another data point.
>I've consulted the local (Austin TX) MIDAS shop about the replacement for
my 87 325i muffler.

>Here is the quote: 365.95 with lifetime parts and labor!
>The muffler brand is ANSA (?) which I believe >is OEM.
>The local BMW dealer (John Robber's BMW) has quoted
>550 for the muffler ( no, they said, not stainless steel ) + 2.5 * 65
>for labor. I am yet to check the independents.

Sometimes BMW dealers are commonly referred to as stealers, your stealers name is so appropriate, John Robbers BMW !

I do not think that Ansa is OEM. I would be surprised if Midas put such quality on a car.

I believe that the E30 325i had two different types of mufflers:

  1. one input and one output pipe (to 9/87)
  2. two input and two output pipes (from 9/87) Steve D'G has sold these: part # 18-10-1-719-238 Muffler-325i/ix (87-91) (OEM) list $242.62 discount $192.00

Unless you are a racer boy, OEM will be fine for your needs. Nothing fits as well as OEM and many have lasted over 100k miles.

I would assume that the one in/out would be no more expense than the two pipe.
I do not know where your stealer is getting his $550 quote. Plus his outrageous labor rate * 2.5.
My recommendation is to bag Midas, go OEM, and find a good independent repair facility.
I can not imagine an independent charging more that $100 installation.

Alan Alfano

BMW CCA #30492

1988 BMW 325iX
1956 Austin-Healey 100M (2)

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