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From Mon Aug 11 16:15:32 1997
From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: Re: Idle Fluctuations
To: (Dan Keller)
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 16:15:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Dan
If you just pulled the box out, pulled the cable, then reassembled. Now the idle is bad. I would say you broke a soldier joint in the connector.

I would bet if you reflow the soldier connections to the external connector, the idle will work again.

If this doesn't work, mail-order a used box from one of the salvage yards listed on my bmw_parts page. You should be able to get one for around $150 - $200.


>      Hello, and may the saga continue with my 88 325is.  I was getting the 
> numbers off of my Motronics box for Mesa Performance (Jim Conforti > chip), and I was showing my buddy how the Motronics disconnects (kinda > neat!). I made sure that the ignition was off and I pulled the lever > and unplugged normally. I plugged it back in and started the engine. > Now comes the horrible part!!! The engine would not idle! The RPMs > drop and rise... drop and rise... drop so low that the engine dies. > Uh, oh... okay, first things first. All temp sensors and junk with > two poles I tested and they were fine and I disconnected them while > the engine was running and it did the same thing. When I unplug the > bypass valve (3-pole) the idle is stable and somewhat normal. > Naturally, I think the valve/solenoid is at fault. WRONG! I had a > local shop install a new one and it did the same thing. Luckily, they > were cool about their return policy!!! Now there are only two > variables right? A bad throttle position switch/sender under the > throttle body, or the... GULP... Motronics 1.1. I was just wondering > if there could by any chance be anything else. Temporarily, I have > the solenoid plugged in but with the idle kicked up enough to where > the idle switch remains open and the valve gets no power. Thank you > so much for your time, your posted articles help me out so much with > my car and I hope this helps others in need of the BMW Gospel. > > Dan Keller > White 88'BMW 325is (A wee bit sick) > 84' 325e (Sold)



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