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From digest.v7.n1304 Fri Mar 13 21:50:34 1998
From: (Richard Beebe)
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 20:49:46 -0500
Subject: E30 bitten by shark

Hi All,

I was set to pull my Conforti chip from my E30 M3 tonight, I know, but listen. The National Capitol Chapter is running an autox championship series this year and my only mod was my chip. I often ran good times, but got killed in my class. I mean, what's 15hp when I'm running against 240hp E36 M3s? Anyway, I decided, since my track car is soaking up all my money, that I would pull the chip and run in stock class and try to win the stock class series. Hope none of you other 'stock' guys are running chips ;-)

Well, since I was opening up one ECU, why not make it two. I had bought a TMS/Conforti chip from Turner Motorsport some weeks/months ago, but never found the time to put it in. To make a long story short, I just got back from my first drive with the chip in my 87 325 (note: base model). Wow, what a difference. Now, I knew the car would be quicker, actually, Will told me this chip has one of the best increase figures for all the chips. The numbers are something like 28/23 for hp/torque. For the eta motor, that's a huge increase. I'd have to say, I agree. The car is much quicker and now redlines at 5300. Hell, the tach only goes to 5000 and I buried it more than a few times.

Here's the surprising thing, though. The car has run kind of rough since I got it and I had planned on swapping out the 02 sensor for a few weeks, but again haven't gotten to it. Can you see how much of a priority this car is to me ;-) I'm sure you have realized by now, the car runs a smooth as my 325is. It runs beautifully. No hesitation, no surging, it just pulls all the way to 5000. I was hopeful the chip might have some impact, but it eliminated it completely.

I know we've all heard stories on this topic before, but I was so pleased, and surprised, with the car's overall improvement, I had to post to the list.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go pull a chip from my M3 :-(

Looking forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow's autox and at Summit Point next week! Man, that was a long winter, and I ran a FATT _at_ Summit in Dec.

Rich Beebe
88 M5 - TMS chip on order, 251hp/239torque at the rear wheels. Thanks Will. 88 M3 - back to stock chip for this season. 87 325is - JC chip + long list of track upgrades. 87 325 - TMS chipped and FOR SALE!

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