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From digest.v6.n451 Sun Mar 30 10:58:39 1997
From: Russell Shigeta <>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 20:33:21 -0700
Subject: <E30-M3> grinding cam chains and parking on hills

I am sorry if someone already came up with an answer to this problem I saw posted several months ago.

A few months ago I read several posts from E30M3 owners who complained of having a terrible cam chain grinding noise after parking their car on a hill (nose up) and leaving it parked overnight. Well I've experienced the same thing.

But, I have figured it out. Finally. The problem isn't oil loss form parking on a hill, but its the cam tensioner being compressed from rotating the engine backwards. The tensioner always sits on the "loose" side of the chain letting oil pressure (I'm guessing) take up the slack. Well if the motor rotates backwards the "loose" side becomes tight and most likely the engine is off so there is no oil pressure to stop the tensioner from compressing and losing the cam tension until the motor is started and oil pressure restores the proper tension.

The answer is simple. Don't leave your car in gear (or if you do, don't release the ebrake when in gear) when parking facing uphill. Ahh don't you feel better already, knowing your baby doesn't need an overhaul?

Russell and his formerly noisy M3.

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