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From Thu Jul 24 20:40:55 1997
Read-Receipt-To: James J Landis <>
From: James J Landis <>
Subject: Missing radiator fluid
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 97 22:33:45 PDT

My 89 325 is leaked about 5 ounces of fluid every 5k miles. I could not = find the leak and
was worried it was leaking to the oil and frequently checked for it but = it was not going to
into the engine. This went on for a year until the very slow leak became = a fast one and
in so doing, located itself. Turned out to be where the fuel injection = unit has small
radiator hoses going to it. This must be fixed with a new cork gasket ...= mine broke on
a weekend and I tried using the old gasket with lots of gasket cement and= also cutting
a new gasket out of the heavy paper on the back of a tablet ... nothing = worked, they all
leaked. If your 2.5 liter is slowly losing radiator fluid, reach under = the throttle butterfly
unit from the back of the engine toward the front and check for a wetness= under the
under the seam (gosh this sounds X rated) where the plate with the radiator hoses on them mates with the butterfly unit. By the way, the cor= k gasket is a
good part to keep in the glove compartment because if the old one breaks = you aren't
going to go far without a fix ... I've got an extra one there right now. = (costs about $2)

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