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From digest.v7.n1235 Tue Mar 3 21:35:05 1998
From: Adam Rodman <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 15:22:01 -0800
Subject: eta mods... very cool

I wanted to wait until I had a little experience with my latest mods before I reported back to the digest. With about a week under my belt...

I started out with a stock 1986 325. So sloooowwwww... I added a 3.25 LSD and a Dinan chip. Much more liveable. Later, I added new suspension with better tires. Much more liveable still. However, if you are going onto a freeway, you still had better turn off the ac! <g>

And then I talked to Will Turner...

K&N cone
325i catalytic converted (made by DEC)
Stromung exhaust

All I can say is... WOW! Acceleration is significantly improved. Engine breathes well all the way to the redline! Horsepower seems to pick up from about 2500 RPM onward. It feels like 0-60 is under 8 seconds, albeit just barely. All in all about a good a set of mods as I have made -- and I haven't even installed my heat shield from Milos Klacko yet!!


The exhaust gets boomy when accelerating from 2000-2500 RPM but is otherwise unobjectionable. The loudness seems to increase in warm weather, hmmm....

Anyway, just passing all this along for those who want to make their eta engined cars go a little better.

Thanks Will!

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