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From digest.v5.n475 Wed Oct 30 05:33:09 1996
From: Kenneth K Inn <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 21:31:34 -0500
Subject: RE:profile gasket

sorry to burst your bubble, but the profile gasket, although changed in 10/93, is STILL failing, but not as fast. however, back in 1995 I was talking with a BMW tech-friend, this was march, and he said he had already done 3 95 M42s for the profile gasket, all had less than 10k on them. he remarked how easy the job was, because he had already done so many of them. the problem has not gone away with the 94 models. we(I) still sell the hell out of the gaskets for the job, they are almost as popular as the gaskets for the M20 engines. also, you must change the head bolts, and we recommend a new waterpump, the M42 and M50 waterpumps seem to crumble after having been immersed in coolant and then dried out. M50 owners, BEWARE...when changing the thermostat, there is a ground wire that attaches to the cover. if this wire is not securely reattached, or is left off, you will blow up the DME, the ABS control unit, and fry all of the spark plug coils. go ahead ask me how I know.

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