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From digest.v7.n828 Thu Dec 25 05:20:36 1997
From: Milos Klacko <>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 15:28:29 -0500
Subject: -CF Heat shield for E-30

Father Duane writes:

> - there is not yet one for the E30's but you can make one yourself.

well, now there is one for E-30 as well. Actually it is almost identical to E-36 shield
The only difference is a minor trimming that needs to be done on the bottom of the
"wall" that separates the engine and filter. It needs to be trimmed to accommodate the placement of hoses, belts etc. per YOUR car. I'd estimate the trimming and overall install under 1/2 hour - or as Duane would like to put it : - a one beer job (sorry, for those of you who like to drink faster, maybe a 2-3 beer job ;-)

P.S - I have now installed the shield in my E-30 as well and I also cut the part of the shroud behind the left light assembly....just as Chris described afterwards ( just makes sense) Milos

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