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From digest.v6.n697 Mon May 26 18:58:48 1997
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 14:14:53 -0400
Subject: JimC chip report

Hi all I received my JimC chip last week and here are the findings so far.

This is used I a stock 1989 325ix.

First I started by reading the chip in an EPROM programmer and compared it to the stock one.
Most of all the fuel and ignition maps are redone and also the WOT maps, the revlimiter is raised by 500RPM's and it is a smoother cut off than the stock one.

The part throttle is greatly enhanced much smoother and not as jerky as the original chip, I don't feel the running out of steam at 3500 and then a sudden pickup of engine speed at 4250 (it feels like an inline 6 now) low rpm torque that extends up hi in the range.

Cant tell yet if the fuel consumption is better or worst but seems pretty much like stock (it should be better since the fuel maps have all been leaned out and the ignition maps have an extra 4Deg advance)

I did all my testing with 92-octane gas and did not hear any pinging.

Finally I tested the max HP with my G-Tech pro and there was an increase of 13Hp witch is 9%.

And by the way it took me 2weeks to get the chip from the day I sent the money order.

Bye for now.

//                                            //
// Alain Marchildon                                              //
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