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From digest.v4.n824 Wed Jul 10 09:03:42 1996
From: Wayne Sos <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 08:31:55 -0400
Subject: 318 Series Engine Problem?

I just purchased a 91 318is for my daughter. I have a BMW mechanic who works for JMK in NJ that services my 94 325i (Saturday extra cash guy!). Prior to purchasing the 318 I asked him if there were any problems that I should look out for -- he said to check to see if the head gasket had been replaced ( and it should have). The 91 and 92 318 had a seal with a design flaw that allowed coolant to leak into the engine (alot like a blown head gasket). He tells me that a replacement seal was developed and most cars under warranty had to have it replaced (the head gasket and seal) within the first year -- one hot day and the seal failed. All of the new cars with the 4 cyl engine have the new seal. I checked with the prior owner of my daughter's 318 and they had the seal and head gasket replaced within the first 6 months of owning the car.

Hope this helps!

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