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From digest.v5.n146 Mon Aug 26 07:41:20 1996
From: (Paul R. Reitz)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 08:57:16 -0400
Subject: Re: Window Switch Bulb Burn

Harvey Chao asked if anyone knew of the miniature bulb used in BMW window switches. I do not know for sure about the window switches, but the following information about lights in the seat heater switches of the E30 may be helpful.

The bulb used in those switches is, for all intents and purposes, identical to a Radio Shack bulb #272-1092.

The following is for E30 seat heater switch lights. Bulb replacement: The bulbs are soldered to a circuit board at points that cannot be readily accessed, but it is possible to replace them. Remove the switch by prying up at front and back ends simultaneously with two flat blade screwdrivers. Disassemble by inserting two thin, flat-blade screwdrivers between the switch sides and base far enough to release the four locking tabs. With the switch upside down, lever the innards up out of the case. Watch out for a loose spring, brass tube, and steel ball on the switch operating lever that can easily fall out. With the switch internals removed, carefully crush the bulb glass with pliers until all glass is removed, exposing the existing leads. Remove any remaining filament. Wrap the leads of the replacement bulbs (Radio Shack #272-1092) around these leads and solder carefully. Make certain not to short the bulb leads, as this creates a direct short from fuse 16 to ground that could fry the switch circuit board. Don't use excessive heat when soldering, to avoid unsoldering the original bulb leads on the circuit board. When reassembling, position the bulbs so they fit inside the recesses in the switch case.

Hope this helps.

Paul Reitz
BMWCCA #1167

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