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From: Ron Stygar <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 22:56:11 EST
Subject: Re: Reset Tool

Years ago on my E30, I was one of the first persons to realize that grounding pin 7 of the diagnostic connector would reset the service lights. I found that grounding pin 7 for ~3 seconds applied to an oil reset and that ~9 seconds applied to the inspection reset.

I made up a wire jumper using a copper Mueler alligator clip and banana plug (male pin) that would accommodate the diagnostic female pin. Rather then short the two pins within the diagnostic connector, I decided to attach the alligator clip to engine ground and connect the male pin to diagnostic pin 7 (less chance for error). I also embbeded a 500 ohm resistor in series within the banana plug. This limited the current to ~25 ma. in case you went to the wrong pin. As a side note, the reset on an F100 jet engine diagnostic unit is defined as 50 ohms or less to ground. I made a bunch of these for people that didn't want to be bothered making their own. I still use one to reset the lights on my Sweethearts '84 528e.

I'm two lights away from a BMW oil service on my ti. I plan on designing a similar (in concept) item for it and my 328. On the newer cars it appears that you have to provide the short and then remove it, after some time, to reset the lights. Looking in to this, is on my things to do list. Will write up a how to, when I'm done. FLI BMW

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