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From digest.v6.n484 Fri Apr 4 21:57:37 1997
From: "Brett Anderson" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 19:18:21 -0500
Subject: Re: E30 OBC replacement procedure for backlight

> From: Thien Dinh <>
> Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 13:30:22 -0800
> Subject: E30 OBC
> Just recently my OBC screen is a little hard to read. I think the bulb
> that lights it up has gone out. There's probably a simple way to pop out
> the unit and replace the light, right? Could someone be kind enough to
> inform me as to how? Thanx
> RacDynamic
> '85 325e

After having answered privately, several similar requests, I have decided to post this one, maybe someone can copy this to the FAQ's ?

To remove the back light from an E30 OBC, remove the small phillips screws along the top of the dash panel above the radio and OBC. Remove the 2 phillips screws from the bottom of this panel, they are accessed from the storage compartment below the panel, screws are vertical. Pull the panel forward, it will come approx. 2 inches forward, on the right side of the panel, the OBC back light can be seen. It is a white piece of plastic in the side of the OBC. Cut the black plastic from the dash panel away to allow access to the back light, use a pair of pliers to pull the white back light straight out to the right.
These back lights use 2 bulbs, in series, so if one goes out , the other will too. You can replace one or both bulbs, if you can find replacements ( Radio Shack ?) Or you can buy a new back light from the dealer or Programa.

Installation is reverse of removal.

Brett Anderson

BMW and ASE master technician

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