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From digest.v5.n145 Sun Aug 25 20:29:20 1996
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:35:36 -0400
Subject: <E30> OBC and Cruise Control installation

Like the fellow digester (from the UK I believe), I too have successfully completed the installation of the on-board computer into my '86 325. Since I was contemplating open heart surgery on the dash, I decided to install the cruise control also. The parts were obtained from a 325es that had an misunderstanding with another vehicle. Parts were removed from donor vehicle by inspection and just like the manual says, " installation is the reverse of removal ". Start at one end of the harness and label / remove everything connected to the harness. All connections for both installations are plug-ins.

OBC parts consist of display unit, harness, relay box (black plastic about 1.5" x 4" x 6" mounted near ABS ECU), turn signal switch, and horn. The donor vehicle had most of the front end removed so I couldn't find the horn. This horn is supposed to sound for 30 seconds after three attempts to start the car without entering the correct code. If any other digesters can provide insight on the location of this horn along with the color codes of the wires, please e-mail direct. I believe it is mounted on the drivers side below the bumper and inside the valance panel. The turn signal switch is needed if you want to retain the feature that allows you to cycle through the OBC displays by pressing the end of the turn signal switch. The relay box is essential. It disables the main relay or the fuel pump relay, depending on year and model,

Cruise control parts consist of an ECU & bracket, harness, clutch switch & bracket, servo assembly & bracket, steering column switch, connection adapter from rear of instrument cluster. The cruise control installation is detailed in the factory service manual and provides useful insight, but in hardly essential.

Paul Shovestul
'86 325,
'83 533i
'80 528i
'79 320i ( gone, but not forgotten)

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