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From digest.v7.n498 Mon Oct 27 13:36:24 1997
From: Stephen Rowe <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:50:16 -0400
Subject: Re: <E36> OBC malfunction CODE failure..

Anson wrote:>
> Today, a sad thing happened to me.. and here it goes:
> I went to play snooker with my friends, and since the snooker place
>is a
>pretty bad area.. so I decided to use my "anti-theft" code device which is
>on my 325is OBC... After I finish playing snooker.. I entered my code
>trying to start my car.... with amazement, THE CAR WON'T START!! on top of
>that.. the horn went off... not only is this shocking it is also
>embarrassing... because everyone then in the parking lot looked at me as if
>I am a thief!!!!
> I have a set of code I use for every of my passwords.. so,
>naturally, when
>I enter the OBC CODE, I will use "my code"... I am 100% sure that I entered
>the right code!! because when I turn the engine off.. I TRIPLE checked to
>make sure that I got the code right before I press the set/reset button....
>so, I don't really know what to do after my car won't start...I guessed
>some logically possible errors.. but all failed... now.. it is 4:30 AM in
>Vancouver.. and my car is still in the parking lot .. Tomorrow is
>Saturday.. which the service department won't be open.. AAHHRRRRR... even
>if they do open.. it will cost me a fortune to get the car fixed up (with
>the towing fee and all) .. my gosh.. what should I do??? Does anyone know
>how to disable a 325is OBC who happens to live in Vancouver and would like
>to do it for free for me??????? GUESS NOT!!!! Has this happen to anyone
>before??? If, and only if... can anyone teach me how to disable the damn
>thing?? Thanx

I am trying to remember what the instruction for my car is ('91 525i), but it involves disconnecting the battery for either 30 or 60 minutes. Check your owners amnual.

I have inadvertantly set the wrong code in from what I thought I had. Now, I was not in such an inconveinent location as you, but here is what I did:

  1. Write the code you thought you put in on a piece of paper.
  2. Exchange the first number position with the preceding number, then the following number in the code you thought you put in. Write these down.
  3. Do this for all four positions. (i.e. 3456 is your original code, then the first set will be 2456, then 4456, 3356, 3556, 3446, 3466, 3455, 3457)
  4. Run through the sequence you have written down. Your horn will be blaring for a while, but you should find the wayward digit.
  5. If this does not work then you might have transposed 2 numbers or have 2 code positions mis-set. Good luck, Steve
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