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From digest.v5.n137 Thu Aug 22 18:31:52 1996
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 13:26:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Cruise control problem

Ken Klausner wrote:
<My cruise control stopped working. I replaced the cruise control switch in the steering column. I replaced the cruise control actuator (motor) under the hood. I replaced the cruise control unit (brains) under the dash. Both fuses 5 and 6 are fine. I was able to get about a half a second of cruise control operation somewhere during the process of replacing parts, but the cruise control has not worked since. Am I missing something?>

Hopefully you checked these before you replaced all the expensive stuff, but the cruise grounds thru the brake light *bulbs*. No brake lights, no cruise. Sometimes enough corrosion builds up that the cruise quits but the lights still work. Also, there is a cutoff switch at the clutch pedal, and maybe also one associated with the brake pedal switch. Perhaps one or more of them (or the pedals) is out of adjustment.

This reminds me. Not long ago, my clutch got stiffer, and after a while the cruise quit. I contorted myself under the dash to check the clutch master and the switch, and lo and behold, the *bracket* holding the pedal cluster had fatigued and torn, twisting the clutch pedal out of position! Wrestled it out and had it welded; both have been working great since. Pretty large stone for two little birds! The shop said they had done this welding *in* other cars, but it's a lot easier (for them-- getting it out/in is a b*tch!!!) and more secure.

Happy cruising (with control)
Gary T
'87 535i, '88 325is

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