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From digest.v7.n73 Fri Aug 8 04:11:51 1997
From: Dale Beuning <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 00:05:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: <E28> Central Locking Demon

Hi Scott,
My '84 318i with central locking did the same thing. When you go to lock the car, all the other doors get their signal to lock from either the control unit (with the remote) or from the switch on the door you stuck the key in. If one of the motors is dead or going in another door, it get's the signal, but doesn't lock. A split second later the system responds to what it sees as an open door signal, because that busted motor didn't throw the lock!

For me it was as easy as noting that I had a problem locking from the drivers door, but when locking from the passengers door everything worked fine. That told me the passengers door lock motor was bad as I was manually throwing the lock with the key. Replaced the lock motor with one from the salvage yard for $25 or so, and had no problems since.


> I know I've read numerous posts on locking problems, but I didn't pay
> close enough attention at the time - didn't have the problem then!
> Anyway, yesterday an intermittent problem started. When I lock the
> doors (via alarm, but both the ext. lock and int. knob do the same -
> intermittently) they immediately unlock again. I pored over the FAQs,
> factory manual fiche, Bentley, etc. and can't find a reference to this
> problem. I'm suspecting a driver's door component because when I say
> intermittent that usually means that if I open and close the door
> several times it will lock as advertised. I can't imagine this is the
> lock motor, but microswitch? Central control? Wiring?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated and the correct answer will get
> you glorified forever in the digest as a swell guy.
> Scott

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