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From digest.v4.n852 Wed Jul 17 12:30:04 1996
From: sean thompson <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 16:46:43 GMT
Subject: <E30 shifter>

those of you with sloppy shifters, you can get rid of a bunch of the play by replacing the lower shifter lever and it is not too difficult. First get the correct parts. you only need the LOWER shift lever. on my 87 325is it is PN 25 11 1 220 327.

  1. remove shifter knob and boot
  2. disconnect reverse light
  3. remove rubber seal from body to lever( note the position of the reverse light cable) now you should be able to see a little better what is involved. the ball rotates innthe socket. I did not need to replace socket.(the white nylon part)
  4. jack up car and of course be safe about it.
  5. crawl up under there with a small flashlight to help you see the clip that holds the shift rod(horiz. part) to lever(vert.) pull off the clip and save it. pull the shift rod out of the hole in the lever.There is a plastic washer on either side of lever. save these too. go back in car.
  6. in my car the part that held the ball&socket was aluminum and to get the socket out it was necessary to rotate the nylon part 90 deg. clockwise to unlock it.I used a screwdriver and tapped it around. it then pulls right up.
  7. Look closely where the upper and lower levers join and you'll see a type of split ring holding in a washer. get this ring out(however you can) I pryed it. pull the 2 pieces apart. you'll see how it works. the nylon is snap fit over the ball on the lower lever. remove and put on new lever. usual, installation is the reverse of removal.

this is really only half of the job but the knuckle on the other end of shift rod is above the drive shaft. I also have a vibration damper in the way. I recall an earlier post that someone replaced this part without removing the driveshaft. if you are still out there, how in the world did you get the pin out?
It seems like I am always messing with something with this car but there is satisfaction of doing it myself not to mention the saved $$$. besides it is SO fun to drive
valve adj. next day off.

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