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Shifter feel improvement

                                        /  Shift Lever
= ==================================== _at_ ================= Floor Pan ====
             |- - -Shifter Plate- - - -|--/
- ----------]=[]_at_----------------------_at_
            ]  (A)        (B)         (C) Rear Connection
Trans-      ]  ]]
mission     ]==========[Driveshaft]============================
            ]  ]]
  ----------]  Guibo

The above is a profile view of the car I hope it makes sense:

  1. The short answer is that there are two things you MUST MUST MUST replace to tighten-up your shifter. The first is the (Forward Connection) brass fitting at the rear of the transmission($10), the driveshaft must be removed to replace this. (A) The second is the rear connection, the shift lever is a two piece affair, upper and lower. The upper part is the chrome piece that the shift knob gets pressed onto. The lower part is what MUST be replaced (C) it has a non-replaceable lower bushing that wears out. Cost $30.

Also! As long as you have the shifter lever torn apart to replace the lower part, replace the little nylon half cups that the ball of the lower part rides in. Aprox $0.50 each. (D) The driveshaft does not need to be removed to replace the lower half of the shift lever nor do you have to disassemble the console. You will need lots of patience to reassemble the shifter lever. Maybe I can scan in the exploded view from Bentley and clarify the drawing to simplify the replacement of this part.

2) The long answer is that the more pieces your replace the better it feels. I'll list all of the parts I replaced and try to rate them from 1 to 3 in terms of helping shifter feel. (1 is best!)

Description                         | Rating | Price
Forward Brass Connection (A)        | 1      | $10
Lower half of shifter lever (C)     | 1      | $30
Nylon bushings for shifter lever(D) | 1      | $1
Shifter rod (B)                     | 2      | $30
Shifter plate bushings(3)           | 3      | $35

Leather Shift Knob                  | ergonomic improvement ! | $60

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