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From digest.v7.n347 Mon Sep 29 10:37:38 1997
From: Duane Collie <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:26:47 -0400
Subject: Metric Mechanic Short Shift

> From: RAFGAR <>
> Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:56:28 -0400
> Subject: Short Shift - Thanks & New Question

> I have decided to go with the Metric Mechanic kit (no need for a "Cindy
> Crawford in heat" for my wimpy grocery getter), but now I can't find
> where to purchase one. I tried the obvious - contact Metric Mechanic -
> and was routed to Auto Solutions. I left them a message on Friday
> (giving both work and home phones) but have not received a call back. I
> also spent some time on Saturday flipping through some Roundels calling
> advertisers - no luck.

Hey Rafaeel,

You can get the Metric Mechanic Short Shift Kit from Bavarian Autosports in NH. It's the same one sold as 'their' private label. Also try Korman in NC. They sold them for a while but are probably depleting inventory as they are suppossed to be developing a *new* short shift kit of their own design. Maybe you can get a deal from them! Send an e-mail to Allan Patterson at:

The owner of Auto Solutions is in Europe at the moment, probably that's why you can't get an answer.

Keep in mind that The Metric Mechanic kit uses bronze bushings in the linkage which is a double edged sword. They will not wear much, but they can make the shifter rattle and buzz unlike the vibration absorbing nylon bushings in the Schnitzer kit and BMW factory stock. Auto Solutions is supposedly going to try to flank the bushings with nylon washers to cut down or eliminate this. If you buy an older kit it won't have these and I know it will drive ya bonkers to have the shift lever rattling/buzzing a wee bit.

See yaaaaaaa

Duane Collie
National Capital Chapter

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