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From digest.v6.n236 Tue Feb 18 15:08:02 1997
From: Jeff Krause <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 06:39:00 -0500
Subject: Limited slip install

Funny how things work out! In digest 232 Andrew Joseph asks about putting a limited slip diff in a non-LSD car. I just did this in my 88 M3 convertible. Seems the builder put in a 4:27 (i think) open dif for the lower gearing, not realizing what it would do to his starting line traction on less than clean pavement. I bought a used 4:10 unit from Zionsville Autosport (Great guys. Call Dwight _at_ 317.873.3216 for any used BMW stuff. PS he has a low mile 95 M3 engine just lying around...) and put it in. The biggest problem was getting all the bolts to line up to re-install the diff in the car. There are four bolts that hang DOWN from above through holes in the diff carrier bracket that is attached to the car. You have to drop the bolts through these holes, and hold the diff against the bracket while you try to turn the bolts enough to get them started in the diff case. I could only ever get three at a time. The other one was always off about half a bolt width. I finally called Dwight back in frustration. He said to tighten the three, and the fourth would line up. It did. I can now leave HARD! Sand and gravel give delicious powerslides instead of worthless wheel spin. I get to leave TWO stripes when desired! HA HA HA HA! :) And the speedometer is correct again as a bonus. Cool. All in all it was an after noon's job, not too diff(get it?)icult a job, and well worth the effort.


Jeff Krause
Whiteland IN
The Driver's Edge