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From digest.v6.n154 Sat Feb 1 12:52:23 1997
From: "Gary" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 21:28:36 -0500
Subject: E36 transmssion problem

On a number of occassions I posted info about a problem I had that was apparently transmission related.I got no response so let me share the solution. When my 93 320iC (European- similar to 325iC) is put in Drive"D" it sometimes did not change out of first gear (five speed automatic transmission). There were no other symtoms of transmission problems. Everywhere I took the car including the dealer wanted to put the transmission. I was convinced it was electrical as the car only has 30k. When I shifted to forth"4" it works fine. I decided to take on the task of trouble shooting my self. It turned out that the first place I looked I found the problem. It was the gear shift sensor (automatic range switch) located in the center panel.This switch apparently tells the computer which gear the car is in. I removed it and found it to be badly corroded.(this corrosion sent the wrong signal to the computer fooling the computer in beleiving it was in first gear. ) I cleaned and replaced it and have had no problems since. What appeared to be a potential major headache turned out to be a no cost solution.

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