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From digest.v7.n554 Fri Nov 7 14:58:35 1997
From: "Grant M. Wells"<>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 11:02:35 -0400
Subject: E30 Braking Upgrade Newsflash #3
From: Grant M. Wells_at_ECCI on 11/07/97 11:02 AM
Segue: Installing 4 piston calipers & 11inch rotors on an E30 (specifically
a '87 325is)

Here is the latest & before my announced Nov. 15 due date (I'm early for a change):

Specs of the system I will be putting together: I confirmed with Wilwood yesterday that the 23.81 piston (of the 5 series & E30 M3) master cylinder should be able to push the 70mm or 90mm version (measuring only 2 opposing pistons rather than all 4). I am mainly considering the 70mm version with an slight upgrade to the rear caliper piston size
from a 5 series.
The 280mm (11 inch) rotors come from the 4 lug VW Corrado. The bias between front & rear is still being worked out. Motorsport 13 inch rotors have been hard to find; I give up.

Only hardware left to procure is: Master cylinder, the line from the new master cylinder
down to the ABS, longer brake hoses, 90 degree elbow from caliper, finish machining caliper spacer to mounting ears, misc.

The Wilwoods have stainless steel pistons, but they have no dust boots, etc.
They are meant for racing! They should be rebuilt every year. The rebuild kit only costs ~$10.
FYI, the Wilwoods don't require caliper removal for pad changes! Almost all the performance pad manufacturers make pads that will fit. Wilwood has
their own pads as well.

Benchmarking my current brake setup (stock 10inch with slotting & Ferodos) has been
tabled until I fix the passenger side CV's which I blew out practising autox launches.
Separate question submitted to the digest on how easy is it to reinsert the axle once removed.

'87 325is w/M50 motor

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