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From digest.v4.n848 Tue Jul 16 17:35:51 1996
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 20:18:19 -0400
Subject: Cool Carbons vs. Metalmasters

Here's my is my experience FWIW.

I replaced my rotors and Metalmaster pads with new rotors and CC's last Sept. I then attended two day D'Schools at Mosport and Watkins Glen. The car then sat over most of the winter. This year I attended two day Schools at Mosport and Mt. Tremblant. Total mileage roughly 4000miles. Other than the Schools, the car was used 75% for highway and 25% town.

Car is a 1987, 325 with eta engine, Dinan chip, extensive suspension mods and Yoko A008R1's. Runs in the fastest run group.

I will need to replace the front pads shortly. Backs still OK.

I tried to find out the thickness of new rotors on the Digest a while ago but no one seemed to know. Finally got to measure some new ones with my "Made in China" mike. New = 0.864". Mine presently = 0.857". Min = 0.803.

I never measured rotor wear before. How does this sound? Good, bad, average??

The biggest problem I had with the MM's was warped rotors. Afer two D'Schools I'd have to have the rotors re-surfaced and then save them for normal driving. There has been no sign of rotor warpage with the CC's.

It seems to me that the dust is the same as Metalmasters.

Much less pedal pressure required with the CC's. In fact, I think in the first schools after I put on the CC's, I was out of sync. Using the same brake points and same pressure left me in totally different track positions. Took awhile to learn to brake later and lots softer.

At the Glen, after leaving the pits you travel the fastest part of the track before touching the brakes. Quite a surprise with the MM's if you forgot to warm them up in the pits. No problem with the CC's.

The CC's front and rear cost $195 last year. Just ordered a new set for $160.

Finally, I've been told that there is a material transfer from pad to rotor during heavy, hot breaking. I think that, if true, the cold pads gradually scrape this material away from the rotors. At any case, there is no noise at the schools, nor for about a week after. Then the shrieking begins and gets progressively worse until the next school.

Patrick Dargan

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