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From digest.v7.n1587 Sun Apr 26 03:07:08 1998
From: Bob Stommel <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:25:34
Subject: RE: brake caliper rebuilding

><SIGH> Doing some routine work on my brake system, and I have 'garage boy'
>helping so he can earn $$ for camp. I have him cleaning dust and crud off
>my calipers. "Don't touch this rubber part 'cause it will tear and be
>ruined" I tell him.
>He does anyway and now I have a nice size tear in the rubber boot that goes
>around the plunger!! Replacement caliper is in the $300.00 plus mode, so I
>have ordered a rebuild kit.
>Question: How DO I replace this rubber sear that goes around the plunger??
>Hope someone will respond, please enlightened me.
>Thanks - I think I've checked my spelling, too!!

Bimwad Bob's brake caliper rebuild procedure:

  1. Open one bottle of Pete's Wicked Ale.
  2. Remove brake caliper (if you don't know how to do this, you shouldn't be rebuilding your calipers).
  3. Remove brake pads and insert a piece of wood between the piston and the outer end of caliper. Insert the end of an air hose into the caliper's brake line hole and with low pressure force the piston out.
  4. Remove the dust boot from the piston and the sealing O-ring from the inside of the caliper. The rebuild kit includes these two parts.
  5. Thoroughly clean the inside of the caliper and the piston. Then rinse in clean brake fluid.
  6. Open second bottle of Pete's Wicked Ale.
  7. Soak the O-ring in clean brake fluid and install it in the caliper.
  8. Coat the piston with clean brake fluid. Then place the new dust boot on the inner edge of the piston (the side that goes in first) with the lipped edge of the dust boot hanging over the edge of the piston.
  9. Force the lipped edge of the dust boot into the groove in the caliper. Then force the piston straight into the caliper until it's seated all the way (this will take some karma and "the force" to get it right).
  10. Open the bleed nipple on the caliper and force brake fluid into the caliper until is comes out the brake line hole.
  11. Reinstall the caliper and bleed the brake fluid to remove any air bubbles.
  12. Go for a long, twisty test drive.

Bob Stommel
Bimwad Motorsports

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