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From Fri Jul 26 06:36:25 1996
id xma027945; Fri, 26 Jul 96 09:21:07 -0400
id AA838398267; Fri, 26 Jul 96 09:35:50 est
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 09:35:50 est
From: "dstevenson" <>
Encoding: 88 Text
Subject: Re[2]: Brake Bleeding


     I have thought about making my own positive pressure bleeding pump 
     similar to the one you describe below. 
     The hardest part is coming up with a cap for the master cylinder. When 
     you say a "spare brake fluid cap" this is what you mean correct?
     The options I came up with for this is to get a used master 
     cylinder(or just the cap if possible, probably most people will not 
     sell just that) or , Snap On sells a universal cap that they say fits 
     on Mercedes and BMW (maybe others). I have seen this, it cost $38, but 
     it does have a threaded hole in it to attach your air hose.
     Other than that, you need...
     1:)bike pump
     3:)one way valve (valve stem would do it, but how would you put it 
     inline?, and would a hand pump have the force to depress the one way 
     4:) master cylinder cap.
     Any comments?
     I hear from many people that those vacume type bleeders (mighty mac?) 
     are worthless

Thanks again for the help.


______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: Re: Brake Bleeding
Author: at internet
Date: 7/25/96 6:28 PM

If the car has been well maintained, I don't see any problems with the 2-person method. But if you don't have an assistant or are unsure of the maintanence, I'd use a tire pump with a valve stem in a spare brake fluid cap. Put the spare cape with valve step on the car, pump up a slight pressure, then start the normal bleeding procedure. Don't forget to watch the level of fluid. And don't pump too much pressure.


> Hi
> I like your page.
> What do you think of the old 2 person way of
> bleeding brakes? I have heard that it pushes the
> piston in the master cyl beyond its normal travel
> and degrades the seals by scraping them across
> coroded area's.
> Do you agree?
> How do you bleed your brakes on an e30?
> Thanks
> Don Stevenson
> BMWCCA Boston


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