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From digest.v7.n1127 Fri Feb 13 01:52:24 1998
From: "Gary Bossert" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 23:29:00 -0500
Subject: Hawk blues vs others

Many of you might not like the Hawks for various reasons like:

  • -They wear rotors quickly
  • -They create awful dust
  • -The rattle and/or squeal on the street
  • -etc.... If you are not using Hawks for any of the above reasons that's ok but just realize that you are making big tradeoffs because the Hawks plain STOP like mad.

I have not experienced excessive rotor wear on My E30 M3. Just the opposite, the rotors wear evenly and smoothly without the grooves that the Cool Carbons leave. I use the stock Balo rotors _at_ $45 ea. and they last a whole season for me on the front and two seasons on the rear.

I also have not had the dusting problem that many have experienced.

I have also noticed that the pads tend to wear more evenly without the "canted" wear pattern that I had with other brands.

Note: I have 3" ducts to rotor cooling backing plates which allow LOTS of cool air into the rotors and I know this helps.

Randy Strausser had to twist my arm to try the Hawks as I was happy with the Cool Carbons but once I tried them I felt like kicking myself for not doing so earlier. If you want to run 30min sessions hard without having to take slower laps to cool off your brakes then these are for you.

It was my impression that the PFC 90 was a street compound. I have used the 83 and the 93 and haven't been pleased yet as it took them forever to warm up and then I found it difficult to get a good feel for what they wanted to do.

Years ago we used the Ferodo DS11 (asbestos) pads which worked wonderful on 2002's. I have not seen these for sale in a while since manufacturers are getting away from asbestos pads. I don't think that the "regular" Ferodo pads are a good choice for track driving.

///Gary Bossert

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