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From digest.v7.n603 Sun Nov 16 23:42:23 1997
From: Duane Collie <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 21:08:06 -0500
Subject: Carbon Kevlar Brake Pads

> From: Brandon <>
> Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:01:31 +0800
> Subject: Brake Pads (E-36)
> Hi everyone,
> I got new rear brake pads for my car. Apparently, they are
> Australian-made Carbon Kevlar ones. It's called Ultra Technologies or
> zomething used for the Australian Touring Car BMWs. After 3 weeks, whenever
> I braked, there will be a loud squeaking sound but that's normal for carbon
> kevlar pads. However I was thinking, will they abnormally wear off my stock
> rotors. Under hard braking, they are great and I was thinking of replacing
> the front with those too to further improve my braking system. Comments?!


Well I gotta tell ya you are doin' this backasswards. About 70% of the braking power is at the front. Any *perceived* improvement in your stopping distances is gonna be in that area above the neck, not in the car itself. The rear brakes are mostly along for the ride and to keep the car straight and stable while the fronts do the work. I use up two sets of Cool Willys (Carbon-Kevlars from TMS) in the front for each rear set of the Rabidmobile at the track.

Carbon Kevlar pads will not ruin your rotors in and of themselves, though they will deposit a 'film/glaze' from the brake material on your rotors over time. These are Track pads, I'm afraid you made a poor choice for a street pad.

You won't like these for the street and I'll tell ya why:

They dust like mad.
They rattle (this is caused by increased tolerances in the backing plates - so when they heat up under track conditions they won't bind) They Squeak (no anti-squeal shims)
They don't bite well when cold - hence poor street stopping distances.

It's highly doubtful you will ever rat-race on the street to a degree that a Carbon-Kevlar Track pad will do you any good. You've got to get them (and keep them) up to temp for them to perform well.

Go back to a street pad - get a dustless one from PBR, Pagid, etc. You won't be able to exceed their capability on the street 99.9% of the time and you'll save $$$$, dust and noise.

Duane Collie
RM3DR1, Still in pieces on the Body Shop Floor Nat. Cap. Chapter

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