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From digest.v7.n849 Tue Dec 30 15:37:02 1997
From: "Edwards, Scott" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 00:33:46 -0600
Subject: RE: <E28> How to rebuild your P/S box

Tools - all hand tools (removal and rebuild), 13mm socket, a few screwdrivers, lots of clean rags. Most of the tools are involved in the removal of the box and it's pretty straightforward. I used a eyeglasses screwdriver to remove the original seals. They are tough plastic, but I didn't want to break them removing them - just in case. I got them all out with very little deformity.

I assume the center numbness (I had plenty) went away because I had no visible hardware wear, and the original seals were virtually worn down to the point of being ineffective. The new seals (and newly rebuilt P/S pump) greatly increased operating pressure so the box should be working as it was intended to. Just theory, but it works.


  • -----Original Message----- From: Rod Barman [] Sent: Monday, December 29, 1997 1:15 PM To: Edwards, Scott Subject: <E28> How to rebuild your P/S box

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting the e28 p/s pump/box rebuild notes.

What tools did you need to rebuild the box itself?

Any idea why the play at center went away?

Thanks --rod.

  • -- Rod Barman, IRIS IS-6 _at_ Laboratory for Computational Intelligence University of British Columbia
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