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From digest.v7.n536 Tue Nov 4 11:25:52 1997
From: James Moran <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 07:24:22 -0500
Subject: Re: <E28> break-shake & water leak, plus a helpful suggestion

As requested, here's the reply to the list, but I would suggest that newbies check the various FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages before they ask their questions. Check out Chris Guy's E28 page:

For more information, go to Ben Liaw's page 'o links and jump to the Models (Man: "Are you a model?" Woman: "No, I'm full size.") and Enthusiasts Page.

Anyway, what the veiled references to 750iL (E32 chassis) bushings mean is "Replace the stock brake thrust arm bushings (aka upper control arm bushings) with 750iL ones." The reason is the 750iL ones are stiffer and longer lasting (now with flavor crystals!). Now the caveat is that they are not a direct swap, either the bushings have to be milled down or the mount widened. I recommend the milling. Some people (like Dinan) offer the 750iL pieces ready to install. I would buy them (also ready to install) from Steve D'Gerolamo at the Ultimate Garage (201) 262-0412. I haven't seen any useful posts here from Mr. Dinan.

Some other things to check: Tie rod ends and the thrust arm ball joints. They wear just as much as the control arms and center link. Also, make sure your front rotors aren't warped.

As for your water leak, I can only guess the cowl vent drains are plugged. That's the vent on your hood in front of your windshield. Dunno how to get to it on an E28, but I bet there is information out there...

Oh yeah, one more thing. NBB means nothing to anybody. Got a name?

Jim Moran
'88 M6 From: NBB <>:


I just finished reading/scanning three months worth of this fine list, and before I ask my Q's about my 87
535i. I have a helpful suggestion for the list (this is not a flame). I noticed a trend that the same Q's are
constantly asked by different

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