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From digest.v7.n147 Wed Aug 20 19:07:18 1997
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 17:04:09 -0400
Subject: Re: <e28> OBC backlight fix

Chuck Krause wrote:
>The backlight on my '86 535i OBC went out last week. I searched the
>FAQs... But, I couldn't
>clear direction on how to first get the OBC out of the dash.
> I'd also like to remove the
>cluster completely to repair some suspected bad solder joints or
>connections but I afraid to just start pulling on the connectors

About the OBC backlights... if you've got long fingers, it's possible to replace the backlight without removing the OBC. I have seen it done, and it involves mostly a lot of feeling around.

About the instrument cluster... you don't have to remove the steering column or wheel, but you do have to extend it all the way (toward the driver). The wires are long enough to get the cluster turned around enough so you can see the connectors. Most are easily removable, and the biggest ones have the color name, blau (blue) or weiss (white) printed on the back of the cluster. Keep track of where the smaller ones go.

The cluster comes apart easily. Nothing will fly apart unexpectedly, so it's safe to pull it apart and look for bad solder (notorious problem for the temp guage!).

  • - Rob Levinson BMWCCA '85 535i Turbo
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