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From digest.v7.n1082 Thu Feb 5 23:10:28 1998
From: "Shane Kleinpeter" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 09:22:57 -0500
Subject: Re: E28 Window Guide Seals (Weatherstrip adhesive on door seals)


The seals you refer to are called Window guide seals. They do not require adhesive and are merely pressed in. These are not much fun to install. I did it about four years ago after my 5er developed an annoying whistle at speed. Replacing the seals did the trick.

Pulling the things out is pretty easy once you have removed the door panel and removed the glass (careful). Just yank the things out. Assembly is the reverse (Ha!) but requires a little patience. The seal is shaped like a U and you can use a stick with a blunt end to press the seal in. The only problem that arose for me was that the new window guide seals did not really fit perfectly. They needed to be slightly stretched to fit, especially where the curves were. 50,000 miles later they are still holding up fine.

I too replaced the weatherstrip in the trunk and found that the most difficult part of the job was getting the old seal out. The glue they used was completely gone in some places but in others did not want to let go. Had to buy some special 3M remover recommended by a local body shop to get the job done. All to find out that the real problem was the cheap seals on the tail lights(sigh).

Good luck.

Shane Kleinpeter
Tarheel Chapter
BMW CCA#110057
88 535is

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