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From digest.v7.n1374 Tue Mar 24 17:44:20 1998
From: "Calvin Justin Seiferth" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 10:50:21 -0500
Subject: 3.5s and Oil Lights

Hmmm- is there anyone with an E28/E24 that doesn't have a flickering oil lamp at idle? After experiencing this situation I drained the synthetic 15-50 out and put good old Mobil 20-50 back in- a little better.

Then I put on my best ruined leather jacket, bum gloves, hat and internal lubrication (Pete's Winter Ale x3) and ventured out into the 45 degree rain to adjust the valves this past weekend. I really hate working outside in the winter. Despite the cold and the ale induced hazy vision, I got the parts off, the valves adjusted, tightened the 'banjo bolts' down REAL tight, broke a 13mm socket from the kit my wife gave me at Christmas (Taiwan should put a stop to people exporting this junk) and put things back together again.

Net result? Frost bit finger tips, another part returned to BavAuto (sent me the wrong valve cover gasket AGAIN!) and slightly improved oil pressure- now it just blinks once then goes black again. I believe I'll hack the center console when it warms up to put in a gauge set and maybe get a MM oil pump when I'm down in Alabama this fall. So for all you 3.5rs- switch back to 3000mile changes of 20-50, tighten those banjo bolts and see what happens.


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