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From digest.v7.n227 Fri Sep 5 20:20:08 1997
From: Andrej Gaspari <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 17:18:25 -0400
Subject: <E28> Common oil leaks

> my '88 535i is leaking a bit of oil. I haven't tracked down the place from where it leaks.
> Could you please share your experience with me about common oil leaks and possible fixes
> for the M 30 engine and/or the transmission ?

Well, in my experience, it might be any or all of the following:

  • -Oil pressure sender. In the rear of the cylinder head. Leaks and the oil ends up coming down the back of the engine. Easy fix - get a new one.
  • -Rocker shaft end seal cover plate (or something like that...) Plate held on by 6 bolts on the back of the cylinder head. Real PITA to get at, unless you have very small and limber hands. Both the gasket and the fat rubber-filled washer on one of the bolts leak.
  • -Head gasket. These seep a good bit. Not much to do but replace it. Probably not worth it for a little oil.
  • -Valve cover gasket. Same seepage as the head gasket, made worse if the cam cover has been off for valve adjustment (or whatever) and the gasket reused. Easy to replace - I just did mine today.

Of course, there are other possibilities, but these are the more common ones. Good luck.

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  • -AEG

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