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Subject: E28 OBC backlight replacement
Date: Sun Feb 28 18:09:58 PST 1999

After the second time this light has gone out for me, all you have to do is get another (part number will be on the back of the light) expect to pay around $25, and begin by removing the two screws holding the spedometer cluster in. These are found above the instrument cluster and are easily removed (you may have to telescope the steering wheel all the way out).

After pulling this out a few inches two more screws will become visible .... These are the screws holding the obc in to the dash board and should be obvious. Once those are out the obc will slide out but still be attached to a piece of trim. Pull off the connectors to the rearwindow defogger and the hazard lights and then you will be able to pull the computer out further. This should make it easy to undo the last three screws that hold the trim on.

Once the computer is isolated on the side will be a while box about a half inch tall and wide. It is formed so it can easily be pulled out with a needle nose pliers. do this and you will have successfully removed the backlight. Perform this procedure in reverse to reassemble the dash. The new light will simply plug right into the same spot as the old one!!

Once this minor (10 - 15 min) job is complete, you will finaly be able to read your obc at night again!!!

Paul Eichengrun
Peekskill, NY
1986 535i

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