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From digest.v7.n1116 Wed Feb 11 16:51:26 1998
From: Scott Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:26:46 -0600
Subject: Re: <E28> short shift using <E36> 3-series parts?

Howdy, Ethan!

"BaboonMobile". I like it!

What you're looking for is the shifter stub out of a late model 2002 or an early 320i. The distance between the pivot and the shift-rod attachment is longer, so the mechanical advantage is less, thus a shorter shift throw. All you need to do is replace the shifter stub, the shifter stub bushings, and the nylon cups where the shifter stub pivots. Also, look at the rubber mounts that attach the pivot plate to

the bottom of the transmission tunnel. If you've got a lot of slop in your shifter, replacing these inexpensive parts will clear a LOT of it up. While you're screwing with the shifter, replace the transmission oil with Redline MTL. Believe me, this makes a tremendous difference. Easy fix, and you're looking at about $65.00 in parts. Less, if you go to a junkyard.

I did the above to my car 6 months ago, and should have done it on day one. It was so cheap and simple, and it improved shifter feel 100%. I

also shortened my shift lever by about an inch and a half, which shortens throw even more, but adds very little to the effort. In my opinion, it also looks nicer. Stock-height gearshifts seem like rowing a boat to me, now. Where I used to feel like I was rowing a bowl of oatmeal with a wobble socket, my gearshift now snicks from gear to gear with the usual BMW precision. Very nice.

I have heard of cases where the longer shifter pivot point will occasionally touch the driveshaft when shifting into reverse. I have never heard this with my car, but you might with yours.

Good luck, and have fun!

Scott Ferguson
1985 535i - The 300 lb. Gorilla From digest.v7.n1197 Thu Feb 26 12:59:19 1998
From: Jason Lile <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 09:14:24 -0600
Subject: Cheap Short Shifter

I installed my euro 3.5 litre motor in my 533i this past weekend and I came up with a short shift modification at the same time that I thought some of you could use. I installed this setup in my car and it worked great. The basic idea behind the short shift (for those that don't know) is a longer lever on the bottom of the shifter to produce a shorter "throw" in the actual shift. In looking through our box of shifter parts one day I noticed that the 97 M3 shifter we had already had an extra length of lever added to the bottom of the shifter. This is compared to earlier cars than the E36 3 series, etc (mine was an E28, but this should work for E30s and the like). I looked up the part new, and it is only $47 list!! It makes a wonderful short shift for your car for cheap, and it's even a factory part. The BMW part number is 25 11 1 221 977. Have fun!

  • --
    Jason Lile Administrator Parts Manager BMW Parts Digest Zionsville Autosport
From digest.v7.n1115 Wed Feb 11 14:07:01 1998
From: "Murphy, Thomas - One NY" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:42:00 -0400
Subject: RE: E28 Cheap short shift kit
        Hello BMW Experts!      Ethan asked about using an alternate shift lever stub to get shorter shifts.  I believe the correct stub is from a '75-'76 2002.  This is what I put in my '87 325is, and it feels great.  The person who posted this info for me ( a real 'mechanic' type; at least a year ago), said this stub
 worked even better in the 'big six' cars.  My shifter will now contact the drive shaft when going into second or reverse, but very lightly, causing only a little noise.  Do any of the more expensive kits have this clearance problem?                       Murf    '87 328is;      '79 635csi;     BMWCCA 79550
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