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Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 21:42:26 -0600
From: Paul Hahn <>
To: bmw Mformation <>
Subject: M635 rebuild - fluids going back in


When we last saw this car the tranny was just freshly installed - here's a major tip that I left out of the last posting : reinstall the clutch slave cylinder and the two engine sensors , one for engine speed the other for engine position. Now that the clutch is back whole again , you can remove the block you placed under the pedal (to prevent accidental pedal travel) and try the hydraulics out for proper feel. I gotta tell you that it felt SO good to mash that clutch pedal and feel the car roll freely.

Back in the engine bay I put the starter in place and then the coolant and heater hoses - leave the radiator hoses 'til later. I used all new rubber so that new engine will be trouble free for a while. I finished under the car by installing the A/C compressor and the power steering pump. Then I went back up top to do the alternator. Now the all new belts can go on. The exhaust headers were in place when the engine got dropped into place , and now the intake manifold , complete with throttle control goes in. The lower stud of the #1 , #4 , and #6 bodies are held in place by a stud extender rather than a nut , so you can add the support brackets for the coolant hoses. I put the automatic idle control valve back on it's mount and connected the air hose between it , the idle adjust valve (located on the intake manifold between hole 3 and 4) and the intake plenum. This hose is a very unusual "W" shaped affair consisting of three pieces bonded together. Next, I installed the fuel rail and injectors as one unit , rocking the injectors slowly down into their holes. Renew the "O" rings that seal them if in doubt on their condition. The engine wiring harness can now be routed to the injectors, the starter, alternator and various sensors and switches. I had previously made sketches of the layout and i also have another M6 to compare to - it was actually a quick and easy job to get the accessories and components back on this m88/3 engine. I probably spent 12 hours total doing the re-install in the engine bay. I just put the radiator , a new one, in with new hoses, then i installed the fan and the overflow coolant tank. Lastly I added the air intake plenum and the airflow meter. I added the coolant and the engine oil - a straight weight 30 non detergent which will lubricate for the 20 minute initial warm up period, after which i will replace the filter and change the oil to an all climate 20w50 petroleum based product. Before I start the fire for the first time , I'll do a compression test for a baseline data point to use at future comparisons. It's pretty exciting to think that there will be a new heartbeat in a week or less.


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