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From digest.v6.n226 Sun Feb 16 04:42:47 1997
From: (Norm Grills)
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 20:41:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Head bolts, Head Gasket

>From: (Kenyons)
>Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 08:57:42 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: <e30><e28> snapping head bolts, head gasket
>Hello all:
>After reading some info on various web pages and seeing some postings, I
>informed some friends, one with an 88 528e and one with an 86 325e, that
>they should have their headbolts replaced (I looked through the oil fill
>hole, regular hex head bolts). One of them called two local experienced BMW
>mechanics, and both were unaware of the problem, and said they didn't see
>any need to replace with the torx variety. One of the mechanics says that
>when he orders head bolts for e30s, he randomly gets both torx and hex
>styles. SO what's up? Is this snapping head bolt syndrome very isolated,
>and hence very unlikely to happen? (my buddie's 325e has 190k miles).
>Should I insist that they have it done?

  • My dealership sold me torx head bolts for my '83 528e when I did a valve job at 217K. They are one time usage stretch bolts that are not normally tightened with a torque wrench but tightened to a torque angle. I have a page out of a tech bulletin but it does not show the number. Interestingly, with these bolts, you do not have to re-torque after a heat cycle. Tighten once - forget.

The part number was 11-12-1-726-478, list price $31.32 in 1993.

>On a similar topic, I am snooping around for an E30 to replace my wife's
>neon which is coming off lease. Found a 91 325i at a Nissan dealer, only
>45k miles. It was in the shop having new brake pads, timing belt, and
>strangely, a new head gasket installed. Seems like low miles for a new head
>gasket - they claimed it was just "preventative maintenance". It gives me
>the creeps - any comments?

  • I bought my '83 528e in 1986 with 37K miles on it. I took it in for service at about 42K and they came up with a list of stuff they felt like it needed including a new head gasket (it was misting according to them) - no pressure, just a recommendation. I never did any of the stuff they indicated at the time. Oh, sure, I did it eventually. The head gasket I did at 217K as noted above. I think the valve job at that time was premature however. I mis-diagnosed a problem!



ps. I have since developed an excellent relationship with parts and service guys at the dealership - so much so that they refer people to me for CCA info or if someone is looking to sell their car privately etc. They have also called me to see where they could get parts for 2002's (which I helped them find).

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