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                           528i Front Spring Help ?
     * Subject: 528i Front Spring Help ?
     * From: (Ted Crum)
     * Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 16:39:48 -0700 (PDT)

I need some help from an E12 expert with the front springs on my 528i, 5sp. A/C, 3/80, USA.

When I got the car it had been many times repaire, including a used strut assy. Thinking that it may have mismatched springs, I bought a used set. The "new" springs are ~40mm longer (373mm) than the present springs (332 mm). New springs are p/n 1117396, yellow and white, old ones are 1124000, green.

Which springs should I use?

Are the longer ones for headlight height? were their 2 strut lengths?

I know that Haynes says longer springs in US.


  • -Ted Crum
                          Front Springs for E12 528i
     * Subject: Front Springs for E12 528i
     * From: (Curtis A.Ingraham)
     * Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 08:58:51 +0800

Ted Crum says:
> 373 mm ... 332 mm ... Which springs should I use? ... for
> 3/80 528i A/C USA

My workshop manual says the front springs for this car are part number 1 117 396 (the longer ones that Ted mentioned). Some of the specifications given on page 31-0/8 are:

        Relaxed length: 373 mm
        Color code paint stripes on 3 windings  1x  yellow
        Color code paint stripes on 2 windings depending on
        spring force  1x  pink, white, or green
        Coil spring [force] with color code:
                red     820-840 lb
                none    -
                white   842-864
                green   866-886

The specifications also list a couple of other springs for 528i and 530i as follows:

        1 113 320  338 mm  for 528i without A/C
        1 118 481  368 mm  for 530i since 1977 model

Sorry, I forgot to check on strut lengths. I'll do that tomorrow.

  • -Curt
                        Front Springs for E12 528i, II
     * Subject: Front Springs for E12 528i, II
     * From: (Curtis A.Ingraham)
     * Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 08:37:48 +0800

Yesterday I cited some stuff from my workshop manual about which are the correct front springs for an '80 528i. Here's some more, but it seems to just add confusion.

BMW 90-91 quick ref parts book says part number is 31 33 1 124 002. BMW 93 quick ref parts book says ... 31 33 1 124 001.

And my workshop manual is dated 5-78, so its part numbers are less likely than those in later pubs.

Strut length is the same for E12 528i and 530i (per w.m.): 448-625 mm from bottom of cartridge to lowest shoulder on shaft.

  • -Curt Ingraham
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