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From digest.v7.n507 Tue Oct 28 20:49:57 1997
From: Cliff Robb <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:30:38 -0800
Subject: Engine swap possibilities for '81 528i E12

I have put a lot of time and money into the suspension & drivetrain of my E12, and I am now turning my attention to large power gains. Initially I had been planning on going the fairly standard route of a large Metric Mechanic engine, but in talking with Jim Rowe at MM, I do not think he can make the kind of power I am shooting for with even the slightest possibility of sneaking through CA. smog check. I have a goal of 300-350 ft.lbs.(and maybe forced induction later) of torque at about 4000 rpm, and I have started to give some serious thought to a complete engine/F.I/mgmt. computer swap. My initial considerations are a 3.2L M3 set up, E34 M5 set up, or maybe even a 4.0-4.4L V8 set up. To get the homework on the project started, I am requesting feedback from anyone on the physical feasibility of the afore mentioned combinations. Since I already have an MM Getrag 265/short shifter installed, I would like to keep the current trans set up. Who knows something about the physical dimensions of the afore mentioned combinations in relation to my stock 2.8L big six? Will any of these combinations bolt up to my current MM trans.? Will any of these combinations even fit in my engine compartment? Also, I would be grateful to hear any suggestions on additional combinations that may work. Much TIA.

  • -Cliff
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