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From digest.v7.n1335 Wed Mar 18 12:38:33 1998
From: Cameron Greig <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 98 14:36:48 +0100
Subject: Re:M535i ,M5

Phil wrote

The M535i was the only way to get the 3.5L single cam engine in the euro. E12 5-series. It was not an emmision version such as our 533i. The E12 version was made from 4/80 to 5/81. The E28 535i, M535i, and M5 were all made at roughly the same time, '85 on, with the M5 actually beginning production a few months earlier although the others were announced earlier (3/84). Horsepower was the same in both 535i and M535i when equally equipped with or without catalysts. With a cat, the hp was the same as the
US 535i/s. Yes, it was the same badge engineering that we are accused of in the US. Sure there were suspension and seating upgrades, and don't forget what some consider the ugliest BMW alloy wheel ever produced, contrasted with a rather beautiful air dam. Neither the Euro E28 535i or M535i were produced in large numbers. Sport seats and spoilers seem to be the main difference between the two on the BMW price list of the time, although the wheels were apparently unique to the M-version. Sport suspension, Ltd. slip were std. for both.

Your comments on badge engineering apply only to the E28 M535i.The E12 M535i was a highly significant car when it was introduced in September 1980.This was the first M car from BMW (excluding the M1) and was a joint effort between BMW motor sport and the production manufacturing side of the company.The car was fitted with the 3.5L six cylinder engine that had been already fitted to the 635CSL coupe and the 735CSL saloon. The car was also fitted with a close-ratio five speed dog legged box,uprated ,ventilated disc brakes with four piston callipers and bilstein shocks.Power steering and a limited slip diff were also standard. As for the interior the car had Recaro seats and a very nice leather steering wheel as fitted to the M1.

224lb/ft torque
0-60mph 7.4sec
136mph top speed

The performance figures may not sound special by todays standard but this was 1980, and at that time there wasn't much to touch it.I have owned my car for four years and wouldn't change it any other BMW.The newer M cars are to good at what they do.To have any real fun you have to be travelling at really high speeds. This is just a personal opinion from someone who also loves driving 1950 sports car and Caterham 7s,lower speeds more fun!!

Cameron Greig (Scotland)
E12 M 535i 1981

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