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Subject: Re: a/c fuse melting

Posted by Lenny D. on July 22, 1997 at 03:47:53:

In Reply to: a/c fuse melting posted by tom pappenhagen on July 18, 1997 at 07:01:54:

: we're having a problem with our a/c on the '81 528i. : the fuse is not blowing, but the plastic fuse box : is melting. the blower fan works and its fuse is okay. : the actual a/c fuse next to it is the problem. : earlier we noticed that the a/c would stay on even : with the car turned off. otherwise the a/c works great, : until the box melts enough for the fuse falls out of its : holder. any ideas on where the short is?

I have an '80 model and what you are experiencing is probably not a short but your blower motor is drawing too much current and causing the wiring to be severely stressed. That's why the fuse doesn't 'blow'. You might try lubricating the blower motor shafts (it's a real bitch) to decrease the current draw. I had an identical problem with mine although the wiring didn't get hot, the blower was refusing to run on slower speeds.

The problem with blower motor 'runon' after the car is shut off is caused by a faulty relay located in the dash under the clock. It's not like the standard 5 prong relays throughout the fusebox and another real bitch to access. Just turn the speed selector to a lower speed setting, that usually 'unsticks' the relay and will shut off the fan. Good luck

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