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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 18:57:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Sudden influx of water

Lawrence Swain Asked about rain water accumulating in rear footwell.

This will sound odd, but check the tail light gaskets, or for breaks in the tail light housing. Same thing happened to my old E12 528i (is there any other kind??), and more recently I was getting a little water in the trunk of my E28 535i. Rain water runs down the sides of the trunk opening, as it should, but gets past degraded gaskets (~17/side _at_ dealers), flows forward under the trunk mat and into the rear floor. It drove me more nuts than I already was trying to figure it out; I too tried covering the sunroof and all the doors, and checked all the door gaskets, and the thing would still collect water. I almost drilled drain holes in the floor!

>If the sunroof vents (which, in 168k mi, have never been roto-rootered) need
reaming, what is best tool to use?

For the E28s, there is a *somewhat* removable panel on the c-pillar. I say somewhat because while it does pull off, there may be a one-time-only metal clip, at the top as I recall. There are other "normal" plastic push-in clips, but for some reason... (Updated push-in clips are available at your friendly neighborhood dealer.) Anyway, new clips in hand, *gently* pull off this panel and you'll see a section of rubber tube toward the top. This is the rear sunroof drain, one per side. You can run a wire, etc up inside, or go the Tim Taylor route and use an air compressor (gently, ok?) to blast out any junk. E12s have a similar setup in the c-pillar, except the plastic grille can be more easily removed.

Hope this helps
Banzai Bimmer

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