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Posted by Troy Rudolph on September 17, 1997 at 16:51:24:

In Reply to: installing rear muffler posted by john craven on September 16, 1997 at 20:15:48:

If you want to do it like the book says, you need a tubing cutter and some welding equipment (wire-feed is good). If not, you need a tubing cutter and some clamps.

Get the car up on jack stands. You can just raise the rear if you like.

Prop up the exhaust system with a jack stand under the center resonator so you don't have to remove the entire system (at the exhaust manifold!). Then remove the "rubber bands" in front of and behind the rear muffler.

Look just in front of the rear muffler for some bulges in the exhaust pipes. Cut at the rearmost part of the bulge through the outer pipe only. Once you've done that you should able to remove the rear muffler by yanking it backward (toward the rear of the car). If it's stuck in the joint, use a hammer on the muffer casing to drive it backward.

To install the new muffer, put the pipes together. Reinstall the "rubber bands" in front of and behind the muffler. If everything is lined up nice, then weld the joints (or clamp them). If not, try twisting the muffler one way or the other until it all looks straight. Then weld (or clamp).

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